Moltmanniac Recommends – We Belong: Trinitarian Good News, by Stephen Morrison

IMG_5047.PNG“The most stunning news in the universe is that God has included us into His life of love, fellowship, joy, acceptance, and light. We have been included in the Trinitarian relationship.”
(Stephen Morrison, We Belong, Kindle location 728)

My friend Stephen Morrison has recently come out with a new book, We Belong: Trinitarian Good News. Stephen is a fellow Moltmanniac (though I sense in my reading of this book that he’s even a little more partial to Karl Barth and T.F. Torrance – but let’s not hold that against him!). Anyway, he was kind enough to send me a digital review copy and I am pleased to recommend this book. I found the book to be incredibly relatable; Morrison shares out of his own journey of thoughtful theological exploration and discovery. The is an insightful book written by someone has been asking great questions and reading several great theologians.  Continue reading

Amazing Deals on Moltmann Kindle Books!

IMG_0192.PNGFortress Press is currently offering a huge sale on theological Kindle books. Among the great deals are a number of titles by Moltmann, all of which are 40 to 80% off their usual Kindle prices. I’ve denoted the three titles in this list that I would consider among Moltmann’s primary contributions to theology with an asterisk (*),  though of course they all make for worthwhile reading! For a complete list of Kindle books by Moltmann (there are a few not included in the sale) visit here

Bonus: A few deals on some fantastic books that directly engage Moltmann: