Top 10 Moltmanniac Posts of 2015

Note: Like last time I shared top posts (in mid-2014), the one on Moltmann and gay marriage is still the most popular, by a pretty wide margin (so apparently to get more traffic I just need to blog more about controversies and/or sex!). In addition to that, a few of last year’s Crucified God posts have had enough ongoing popularity to make this list; however, to keep it limited to the popular new content, I’m only including posts that were actually posted in 2015. Enjoy! 

  1. Thomas F. Torrance Audio Lectures. I know it ain’t Moltmann, but a lot of people found this treasure trove of free audio to be useful, and kept coming back to it. If you haven’t already done so, check it out!
  2. My Top 10 Favorite Jürgen Moltmann Quotes. A collection of short quotes that will make you love Moltmann!
  3. Predestination: Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Election (Moltmann’s Lecture at KBC2015 including Audio, Video, and Detailed Notes). Being at Princeton for Moltmann’s lecture and getting to meet him that day was one of the highlights of the year for me.
  4. 2015 Karl Barth Conference Video. Links to all of Plenary lecture videos! Moltmann’s lecture wasn’t the only outstanding talk at Barth Camp!
  5. Jürgen Moltmann Shares about His Friendship with Kelly Gissendaner.
  6. Christ is not against the Muslims. He died for them.
  7. Jürgen Moltmann 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity (Audio). The famous lectures that formed the basis of The Trinity and the Kingdom.
  8. 3 Reasons Martin Luther King Jr May be America’s Most Outstanding Theologian. Read what the great liberation theologian James Cone has to say about MLK!
  9. Jürgen Moltmann on the Death Penalty. Hint: He’s against it. Don’t forget to also check out part two!
  10. Amazing Deals on Moltmann Kindle Books. This was posted in October but the sale is still ongoing until January 5, 2016!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Moltmanniac Posts of 2015

    • Thanks Juan! Yes, that was my favorite post of the year also. I hope to ramp up production and get more regular posts out in 2016, but we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

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