Moltmann Book Alert! “Hoffen und Denken” (Hoping and Thinking)


The great theologian of hope enjoying an “Eschaton” beer at the Homebrewed Christianity AAR event. image source: Tony Jones on Twitter

 Jürgen Moltmann may be turning 90 next April, but that hasn’t stopped our beloved theologian of hope from publishing a new book in 2014 and taking two trips to America in 2015. By all accounts he is doing  very well (I hope the above recent picture – of him celebrating the publication of the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Crucified God in Atlanta last month – attests to this!). Just recently I made a rather pessimistic comment that The Living God and the Fullness of Life may be Moltmann’s last book (in my defense, many of us thought that about Ethics of Hope!). I’m very happy to have been wrong! 

I’ve just caught wind that a new book by Jürgen Moltmann will be released in German in 2016 just in time for his 90th birthday. It’s title: “Hoffen und Denken: Beiträge zum ökologischen Umbau der christlichen Theologie,” which  translates roughly to Hoping and Thinking: Contributions for the Greening of Christian Theology (via Google Translate).  

Below I’m including the publisher’s description roughly translated to English. Again, I don’t (yet) read German so I’m trusting Google Translate for the basic meaning for now (I’ve only slightly cleaned it up for flow). If you are fluent in German and English and see any obvious errors please let me know (original can be found on the publisher’s website here). 

I gather from this that the new book is a combination of new and old content from Moltmann along the lines of ecological theology, a subjext very near to his heart. I’ll be on the lookout for details of an English release of this title and will keep you advised! 

Publisher’s description:

In this book, important contributions of the great theologian Jürgen Moltmann (90 years old on 8 April 2016th) are combined.The title “Hope and thinking” draws attention to the transforming power of the prophetic and apostolic hopes.
The first part is about the ecological “revolution” of theology: What can they contribute to a good future for the Earth and the survival of humanity? What needs to be formulated a doctrine of creation, which is based on the Bible and the global challenges withstand?
The second part contains essays on fundamental themes of theology, such as “hope and thinking” or “The Triune God”.
In the third part Jürgen Moltmann portrays a selection of contemporaries (including Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ernst Bloch, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Helmut Gollwitzer and Dorothee Sölle). He makes it clear that no one is a theologian alone, but each is in a community of theologians through the ages in a simultaneity with all other thinking.

The book offers an exciting range of Jürgen Moltmann’s partly still unpublished texts which are committed to the program of ecological restructuring of theology towards a more comprehensive understanding of creation and redemption.

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