Articles by Moltmann

My intention is to catalog here every article by Jurgen Moltmann that is available freely online. If you are aware of any that I may be missing, please drop me a comment!

The Change of Values in the Western World (Center of Theological Inquiry, 1997 Lecture at Princeton University) [additional article here]

A Christian Declaration on Human Rights (World Alliance of Reformed Churches)

Communities of Faith and Radical Discipleship (Interview, The Christian Century, March 1983)

Control Is Good, But Trust Is Better (Yale Divinity School, 2004)

The Crucified God (Theology Today, vol. 31, No. 1, April, 1974)

The Future of Theology

Godless Theology (The Christian Century, December 2000)

Hope and History (Theology Today, vol. 25, No.3, Oct, 1968)

Horizons of Hope (Christian Century, 2008) [copy]

Israel’s No: Jews and Jesus in an Unredeemed World (The Christian Century, November 1990)

Justice for Victims and Perpetrators (Reformed World,  vol. 44, No. 1, March, 1994)

The Last Days Have Begun: Why many Americans read the Bible as a Coded Timetable of World History (2002)

The New Creation of All Things (Interview, 1998)

Political Theology (Theology Today, vol. 28, No. 1, April 1971)

Praying and Watching (1999 Princeton Lecture on Youth, Church, and Culture)

Prisoner of Hope (Excerpt from The Power of the Powerless, 1983)

Reconciliation with Nature (World and World, vol. 11, no. 2, 1991)

Spring Institute for Lived Theology (University of Virginia, 2005):

The Triune God (Sermon)

What Is a Theologian?  (1999 Princeton Lecture on Youth, Church, and Culture)

3 thoughts on “Articles by Moltmann

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    • Hello,
      Looks like the site that hosted that article is no longer active. Godless Theology is still available via Check it out here. I’ll update the link above as well. Thanks.

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