Books by Jürgen Moltmann

Crucified-God-40th-Anniversary-Edition-9781506402956Below is a complete list of books by Jürgen Moltmann, sorted in order by the date of the publication for the English translation. I’ve also put together a couple more accessible partial lists of Moltmann’s works:

All Works by Moltmann in Order by Year:

  • Two Studies in the Theology of Bonhoeffer, 1967: Print (Originally published as Herrschaft Christi und soziale Wirklichkeit nach Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1959)
  • Theology of Hope: On the Ground and the Implications of a Christian Eschatology, 1967: Print (Originally published as Theologie der Hoffnung. Untersuchungen zur Begründung und zu den Konsequenzen einer christlichen Eschatologie, 1964)
  • Religion, Revolution and the Future, 1969: Print
  • Hope and Planning, 1971: Print (Originally published as Perspektiven der Theologie: Gesammelte Aufsätze, 1968)
  • Theology of Play, 1972: Print (Originally published as Die ersten Freigelassenen der Schöpfung, 1971)
  • Theology and Joy, 1973: Print (Originally published as Die ersten Freigelassenen der Schöpfung, 1971)
  • The Crucified God: The Cross as the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology, 1974: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Der gekreuzigte Gott, 1972)
  • Man: Christian Anthropology in Conflicts of the Present, 1974: Print (Originally published as Mensch. Christliche Anthropologie in den Konflikten der Gegenwart, 1973)
  • The Gospel of Liberation, 1974: Print
  • The Church in the Power of the Spirit: A Contribution to Messianic Ecclesiology, 1977: Print (Originally published as Kirche in der Kraft des Geistes, 1975)
  • The Experiment Hope, 1975: Print (Originally published as Das Experiment Hoffnung. Einführungen, 1974)
  • The Passion for Life: A Messianic Lifestyle, 1978: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Neuer Lebensstil. Schritte zur Gemeinde, 1977)
  • The Open Church: Invitation to a Messianic Lifestyle, 1978: Print (Originally published as Neuer Lebensstil. Schritte zur Gemeinde, 1977)
  • The Future of Creation, 1979: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Zukunft der Schöpfung: Gesammelte Aufsätze, 1977)
  • Hope for the Church: Moltmann in dialogue with practical theology, 1979: Print
  • Experiences of God, 1980: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Gotteserfahrungen: Hoffnung, Angst, Mystik, 1979)
  • The Trinity and the Kingdom: The Doctrine of God, 1981: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Trinität und Reich Gottes. Zur Gotteslehre, 1980)
  • Jewish Monotheism and Christian Trinitarian Doctrine: A Dialogue by Pinchas Lapide and Jürgen Moltmann, 1981: Print
  • On Human Dignity: Political Theology and Ethics, 1983: Print | Kindle
  • Humanity in God, 1983: Print
  • Following Jesus Christ in the World Today: Responsibility for the World and Christian Discipleship, 1983: Print
  • The Power of the Powerless, 1983: Print
  • God in Creation: An Ecological Doctrine of Creation, 1985: Print (Originally published as Gott in der Schöpfung. Ökologische Schöpfungslehre, 1985)
  • Creating a Just Future: the Politics of Peace and the Ethics of Creation in a Threatened World, 1989: Print (Originally published as Gerechtigkeit schafft Zukunft. Friedenspolitik und Schöpfungsethik in einer bedrohten Welt, 1989)
  • The Way of Jesus Christ: Christology in Messianic Dimensions, 1990: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Der Weg Jesu Christi. Christologie in messianischen Dimensionen, 1989)
  • Theology Today: Two Contributions Toward Making Theology Present, 1990: Print (Originally published as Was ist heute Theologie?, 1988)
  • God – His & Hers , 1991: Print
  • History and the Triune God: Contributions to Trinitarian Theology, 1992: Print (Originally published as In der Geschichte des dreieinigen Gottes. Beiträge zur trinitarischen Theologie, 1991)
  • The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation, 1992: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Der Geist des Lebens. Eine ganzheitliche Pneumatologie, 1991)
  • Jesus Christ for Todays World, 1994: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Wer ist Christus für uns heute?, 1994)
  • The Coming of God: Christian Eschatology, 1996: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Das Kommen Gottes. Christliche Eschatologie, 1995)
  • The Source of Life: The Holy Spirit and the Theology of Life, 1997: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Die Quelle des Lebens. Der heilige Geist und die Theologie des Lebens, 1997)
  • How I Have Changed: Reflections on Thirty Years of Theology, 1998: Print (Originally published as Wie ich mich geändert habe, 1997)
  • Is There Life After Death?, 1998: Print
  • A Passion for God’s Reign: Theology, Christian Learning, and the Christian Self, 1998: Print
  • God for a Secular Society: The Public Relevance of Theology, 1999: Print (Originally published as Gott im Projekt der modernen Welt, 1997)
  • Experiences in Theology: Ways and Forms of Christian Theology, 2000: Print (Originally published as Erfahrungen theologisen Denkens, 2000)
  • Passion for God: Theology in Two Voices , 2003: Print
  • Science and Wisdom, 2003: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Wissenschaft und Weisheit, 2002)
  • In the End-The Beginning, 2004: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Im Ende – der Anfang: Eine kleine Hoffnungslehre, 2003)
  • A Broad Place: An Autobiography, 2009: Print (Originally published as Weiter Raum: Eine Lebensgeschichte, 2006)
  • Sun of Righteousness Arise: Gods Future for Humanity and the Earth, 2010: Print | Kindle (Originally published as “Sein Name ist Gerechtigkeit”: Neue Beiträge zur christlichen Gotteslehre , 2008)
  • Ethics of Hope, 2012: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Ethik der Hoffnung, 2010)
  • Jürgen Moltmann: Collected Readings, 2014: Print | Kindle
  • The Living God and the Fullness of Life, 2015: Print (Originally published as Der lebendige Gott und die Fülle des Lebens: Auch ein Beitrag zur gegenwärtigen Atheismusdebatte, 2014)

17 thoughts on “Books by Jürgen Moltmann

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  2. Dear Sir:

    What do the bold initials mean at the end of each of Moltmann’s books on your site? Thanks for your help.


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    • I don’t think Professor Moltmann even owns a computer. 🙂 I believe he has a fax machine but I do not have the number. Your best bet is to send a letter to his mailing address .

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  7. Hi Ben…

    Thanks for bringing together this list of resources by Moltmann. I taken the last 6 months to read through the entirety of his works…with great delight and gratitude. BTW my wife and myself received our M. Diva from The King’s Seminary and I also went on to complete my D.Min from there as well. After 30 plus years of pastoring, we are now retired and living in Northern California. Thanks again!

  8. Dear Ben
    Well done for this beautiful listing of Prof Moltmann’s work. Would you have an idea where I could acquire the collection at a fair price I mean hard copies?

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, I’ve never seen Moltmann’s works sold as a collection, at least not hard copies. I’ve heard good things about the Logos ebook collection – it has most of his important works. I bought my collection piecemeal which seems to work out pretty good cost-wise, especially when you spring for cheap used copies on sites like Amazon, Halfpriced Books, or Better World Books. Many of them I purchased for less than $10 ea shipped to my door… but you have to shop around a bit to find the deals.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


  9. Hi Ben

    Thanks for compiling this list. I’m using it in conjunction with a number of bibliographies as I’ve found it super helpful that you’ve put the English translations alongside the German originals. I wonder though if you’re aware of the collection of Metz and Moltmann’s essays in “Faith and the Future,” published in English in 1995? I haven’t checked it out yet so I’m unsure if it’s recycled material or stuff that cannot be found elsewhere in English. (Am just starting my PhD on the role of Scripture in Moltmann’s doctrine of God — at Otago University in NZ).

    Kind regards

    Cameron Coombe

    • Dear Cameron,
      Faith and the Future, Orbis Books, 1995, is a fresh collaborative treatment of the eschatology by the two great minds-Johnnes Baptist Metz and Jurģen Moltmann

  10. Hi Ben

    Hope you are doing well, thanks for the site really enjoy visiting. Hope you can help, I am writing a thesis on Moltmann and need your help. I am looking for one of his articles called “Ecumenicism beneath the Cross” from the World Council of Churches in 1975 are you able to help?

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