Jürgen Moltmann’s Systematic Contributions to Theology

20140615-101434-36874896.jpgAfter his original trilogy of theological works (Theology of Hope, The Crucified God, and The Church in the Power of the Spirit), Moltmann’s most significant writings can be found in his series of “Systematic Contributions to Theology,” which are listed below in order by their English Translation publication dates:

  • The Trinity and the Kingdom: The Doctrine of God, 1981: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Trinität und Reich Gottes. Zur Gotteslehre, 1980)
  • God in Creation: An Ecological Doctrine of Creation, 1985: Print (Originally published as Gott in der Schöpfung. Ökologische Schöpfungslehre, 1985)
  • The Way of Jesus Christ: Christology in Messianic Dimensions, 1990: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Der Weg Jesu Christi. Christologie in messianischen Dimensionen, 1989)
  • The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation, 1992: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Der Geist des Lebens. Eine ganzheitliche Pneumatologie, 1991)
  • The Coming of God: Christian Eschatology, 1996: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Das Kommen Gottes. Christliche Eschatologie, 1995)
  • Experiences in Theology: Ways and Forms of Christian Theology, 2000: Print (Originally published as Erfahrungen theologisen Denkens, 2000)
  • Ethics of Hope, 2012: Print | Kindle (Originally published as Ethik der Hoffnung, 2010)